INY Foundation is a youth-led non-profit organization working to create next generation of leaders which shall be critical to India’s development story.

We envision an India full of responsible leaders who shall write India’s development story.

To equip young adults with leadership toolkit through leadership programs and workshops which shall encourage and inspire them to solve some of the complex social and economic problems faced by India, thereby, impacting India’s development positively.

Our Story
Contemplating about the solutions to some of the complex social problems India faces, Aditya and Pratik realised that they have been trying to solve some of these problems from the past few years but the impact they’ve been able to create has been in thousands, not millions. How can the problem solving process be expedited? – This was the questions they asked themselves.

At the University of Chicago Centre in Delhi, the idea dawned upon them that if they can help create more leaders like them, problem solving can be accelerated and the impact shall reach millions really soon.

So, they decided to start a movement – India Needs You (INY) to mentor leaders who shall drive social change in India.

We are a member organization of the Alexis Group, India’s leading federation of youth organizations bound by the common motto of Passion for Excellence.